Monday, 28 November 2016

Museum Critique - Daniel Higgins

The museum tour gave us a large degree of background knowledge on the whaling trade that will directly influence how we design our game. We learnt about the specific type of whale that was hunted, what kind of equipment was used and about hunting seasons. All this will directly affect our approach to the project, so we can be as historically accurate as possible.

Firstly was the bowhead, or right, whale. There was a skeleton of a young whale in the museum which helped give us a sense of scale to animal that we will be trying to imitate as the character in our game. In addition to this we learnt that the whales were hunted specifically with harpoons, and there were some examples nearby that we can now try to emulate within our project to remain as historically accurate as possible.

It also gave us a chance to look at the room we would be putting our exhibit up in, and pointed out some very obvious issues we may have with audio, since we'd be so close to the other exhibit. This heavily restricted our idea for audio, since it would be difficult to use speakers without arranging a middle ground between the two exhibits that fits both nicely.

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