Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Adam Courtney- Home stretch! :)

Progress on the game has slowed slightly in favour of creating an enclosure for the Leap Motion which is hopefully durable enough to last a week at the museum without any trouble.

I've opted for a plastic Hammond box (£6 in Maplin) as the primary casing. It needed modifying to hold the Leap Motion, so I did some research on how to cut out the shape for it to sit in.

The method I saw online was the hot knife technique, which involves using a knife edge as a soldering iron tip, and cutting the plastic while the knife tip is heated up. I was unable to procure the knife-edge tip from the shops I tried in Hull, so opted for a modified approach, screwing a Stanley blade onto the side of the soldering iron.

It was a bit of a trial and error process, as the blade was much hotter at the back than the front, leading to me having to cut backwards. However, given it is my first attempt, I was happy with the results. There are a few parts on the case which have been scuffed, which was unfortunate, but the case serves the purpose. The cable can't be pulled out, as the end is encased in the box, and the Leap Motion is sat flush with the top of the case. It should be possible to use cable ties and a few other simple methods to lock it down tomorrow. Whilst it's not a beautiful thing, it works and I'm pleasantly surprised at the result.

Changes in this build:
Tutorial code is implemented! I was able to do it with a modular approach, so that there is minimal impact on existing code, and the script can be bypassed hopefully if needed.

Tonight, I am:

Adding in the video clips to replace the blank squares I've been working with.

fixing an issue where the second camera doesn't disappear once the boat is well and truly on-screen - DONE!

The text and formatting needs improving, as the videos are covering them.

After this is done, the project should be...dare I say it somewhere near finished! I may stay and play test to ensure it's bug-free this time around, and also see if any other graphical improvements can be made.

I also plan to replace a graphically intense steam spray with a graphic, just to make life easier for the computer.

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