Thursday, 9 February 2017

Adam Courtney- It's the end of the code as we know it...

I'm hoping this is nearly the final version of the game, as time would dictate that is the case.

  • Made the glowing harpoon effect more subtle, they also now don't glow after hitting the whale
  • UI is coloured, and goes red more often. Font also changes size for emphasis when breath is low, and if player gets hit.
  • Sound levels in Unity have been lowered a lot (they were drowning out the Max patch).
  • Made and then fixed bug where one the Swan ship would appear without a texture on the mini-camera.
  • More directions from the top text.
  • Moved the camera for the big ships, so that the little boats are visible to warn the player.
  • Added a warning to the screen when a new ship is spawning.
  • Made whale able to move more around the screen.
  • Chain from harpoons now looks more like a chain
  • Harpoons now have a slight swinging effect when they miss the player (hopefully slightly more realistic).
  • Fixed bug where harpoons would return to ship rotated 90 degrees sideways.
  • Made guns focus on the harpoons once fired.
  • Fixed bug where demo video would have started if the game ended (instead of after resetting).

Remaining before installation:

  • Add Nathan's soundscape to the max patch
  • Add a timer so that if a player leaves during the tutorial the game returns to the start screen.
  • Add the tutorial videos to the project.

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