Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Nathan Giles - Delayed Update

Here's a little list of whats been going on in terms of the Audio and graphics side of things.

 - Sky and Sea graphics have been made and put into the patch (as seen in Adam's "Big Big update" and can also be seen below)
 - Working on the designs for the boats at the moment.
 - Still need to do the design for the whale once complete

 - "Sea atmos" has been fully mixed and ready to be put into the game
 - Spot sounds have started to be created for certain key points in the game (ship entering screen etc.)
 - Max patch needs to be made for looping the music and for playing the spot sounds where intended in the game

Aside from these, there also needs to be a general room ambience that was potentially discussed with the other group. This needs to be created aswell.

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