Thursday, 19 January 2017

Whale we have a boat now!

Hello! I must apologise firstly for not posting anything until now. The truth of it is that I have had nothing really concrete to show. When it came to working on the project I never spent a full day working on it, instead doing little bits here and there when it came to modelling. Which means there have actually been a few additions compared to the last meeting but I didn't really realise! Here are a few of them:


The model is complete and myself and Dan have worked over christmas to finalise all animations. Blender is a little bit tricky to get a hold of and definably required two of us to finish it off to a good standard. We've also managed to import both the model and animations into unity with the help of Adam and his knowledge of unity! At this stage they are functional but once the rest of the assets and code have gone in we'll look at doing some nice quality of life changes. The only thing that needs to be done is the graphics/textures but they are so close to completion.


We are adding 4 main ships to our roster. In order to make the process easier for this I created a dummy boat that has all the assets needed, but ready to model against the ships we saw in the museum. In order to distribute our time better me and Dan are also going to share the responsibility of the ships so I can help out Adam and his programming ways. This basically means I will only be doing 2 ships, while dan is doing the other 2, then sharing any other smaller assets that need creating. With the time saved from that I can help Adam out with whatever he needs by pretending I know what I'm doing in Unity and grabbing him a coffee every few hours.

Here is a quick time-lapse of the boat being edited. There was more at the beginning however my screen capturing software bugged out so this is the middle part of the session. Accompanied by Bloc party to keep spirits high!


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